Petit Computer Official Strategy Technic(PC)

Petit Computer official strategy technic The ebook Petit Computer Official Strategy Technic(PC Edition) is now on sale. It can be read by PC. Please read this strategy technic on large display.

Petit Computer Official Strategy Technic(

Download Petit Computer Strategy / AndroidPetit Computer Official Strategy Technic(Android) is picked up by We have many thanks to that site.

Ebook "Petit Computer Official Strategy Technic" is now on sale.

Petit Computer official strategy technic Petit Computer official strategy technic The ebook Petit Computer Official Strategy Technic is now on sale. It can be read by smartphone, Android and iOS(iOS edition is coming soon). The original book is sold in Japan, and translated to English. You can read reference, sample program, how to play Petit Computer, what the developer says, how was Petit Computer developed and etc. Its page is about 160, it it great volume. It can make much fun to a lot of users of Petit Computer. Please access the store and download.

Write programs on your Nintendo DSi.

display1 We have brought back BASIC,a programming language fondly remembered by anyone who programmed computers back in the day. In the golden age of BASIC, it was easy for anyone to write a program. Now we offer you this exact same capability, but this time with the advanced features of the Nintendo DSi™ system. Everyone can easily enjoy creating their own original programs, from those who ever dreamed of being a programmer when they were younger, to the young programmers of today. Many programs are included to ensure that you can fully enjoy using BASIC. The included programs were also written in BASIC, so you can add new features to them in order to enhance your games. You can also take the programs and data you create and convert them to QR codes that can be shared with friends who also have Petit Computer on their Nintendo DSi systems. (Programs included: 12 feature samples,5games, a character picture tool,a background screen creation tool,a graphics tool,and a picture-drawing tool. All programs are saved within the DSiWare data.)

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Your Nintendo DSi unlocks a world of possibilities.

display2 Petit Computer is available on Nintendo DSiWare™ for your Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS™ systems. Many Nintendo DSi features can be accessed by Petit Computer using the BASIC programming language. Fast and colorful sprites, BG screens(screen mode specialized for drawing backgrounds),graphic capabilities, and Touch Screen input are supported by the Nintendo DSi.

Let's start programing.

display3 Petit Computer comes preloaded with 512 sprites. It also includes 256 BG chips for use in backgrounds. And by changing colors and rotating,the world of possibilities gets even wider. The onscreen keyboard includes a GRAPH key. You can also write easy-to-understand program remarks using REM statements.


display4 You can use MML syntax to simultaneously play an 8-channel melody and trigger 16 sounds at once. The available 128 basic tones (instruments), 68 drums, 8 patterns of PSG(duty cycles), and noise can be freely combined to create the sounds you want. You can also create your own 128 x 64 waveform patterns(steps x hours) and add 32 additional tones that can be used in MML.


Loading and running.

display5 Petit Computer comes with features that allow other people to see the programs you create. When you have a friend nearby, you can use your Nintendo DSi's Wireless Communications feature to exchange programs. And when you want to release a program to an even wider audience, you can save it onto an SD Card, load it onto your PC, and then use a browser to convert it into a QR code that lets easily make your work public. These programs can then be loaded onto a Nintendo DSi by using its camera to scan the resulting QR code.

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Try it now

Start Petit Computer and enter the program.Execute with the RUN command, and then touch the bottom screen to use a simple drawing program.

Comparison Operators

In place of equal sign(=) and less than/greater than(<> or ><),all standard notation in traditional BASIC, Petit Computer uses "==" and "!=".This is the same notation used in today's popular programming languages.