21 Sample Programs

Petit Computerincludes the following sample programs. For more details, see the programming code for each.
1.Go to Run Mode
2.EXEC"SAMPLE2" (Touch Enter)
3.Touch SELECT to pause
4.View program in Edit Mode
By entering other sample names instead of the SAMPLE2 contained within the "", you can check out other sample programs. You are also free to save any of the samples included in the software under different names. You can then tweak them to your heart's content without needing approval from Gamebridge first.

Basic Samples

These are simple programs designed to teach users how to use the standard commands in BASIC. You can view the programs in Edit Mode and use them as a reference when writing your own BASIC programs.


Displays characters on the console.


A simple character-input calculator.


A simple piano program using the keyboard.


A number-guessing game.


A bio-rhythm program.


A lower screen sequencer.


A shooting game with moving foes.


A program demonstrating useful commands that control variables.


A demo using sprites and background(BG).


A demo using multi-page graphic screens.


A program demontrating music created and played using MML(Music Macro Language).


A program showing you how to create you own unique instrumental sounds.

Advanced Samples

These are advanced programs using a wide variety of BASIC commands. Each of these samples can also be used when you make your own games. You can view the programs in Edit Mode, and once you have mastered the BASIC commands, you can add your own unique features.


EXEC "CHRED" (Touch Enter to Run)
CHRED A character creation tool.This tool can be used to create character data for backgrounds or sprites. Select color samples and tools and input them in the Edit Area. Touch the A Button to access File Mode, enter L (or S) and then touch ENTER to load or save. You can access and use saved data via programs.
(ex.) LOAD "BGU0:MYBG00"


EXEC "SCRED" (Touch Enter to Run)
SCRED A background screen creation tool. This is a tool for creating BG screen data, for example, creating rows of houses. Select a character from the samples to paste them to the Edit Area. You can access and use saved data via programs.
(ex.) LOAD "SCU0:MYSC00"


EXEC "GRPED" (Touch Enter to Run)
GRPED A character creation tool. This is a tool for creating graphic data for the graphics Screen, utilizing up to 256 colors. Select a color from the samples and draw a picture in the Edit Area. You can access and use saved data via programs.
(ex.) LOAD "GRP0:MYGRP00"


EXEC "DRWED" (Touch Enter to Run)
DRWED A drawing tool that stores elements in units such as lines and squares. This drawing tool can store up to 8000 command s for drawing elements such as lines and squares. It differs from pixel art by allowing you to reply stored data and adjust the pi cture as many times as you like. The picture data is stored on the upper screen in the form of colors.

Sample Games

These are sample games that have been created using Petit Computer. You can view the code for these games in Edit Mode. Feel free to adapt the program to your own needs, making enemies weaker, for example, or adjusting the speed of bullets.

GAME1(Road Racer)

EXEC "GAME1" (Touch Enter to Run)
game1 A racing game where you erase on-screen dots. Steer your car with the +Control Pad, aiming to pass over all the dots on the screen. Your car will accelerate as it passes over dots.

GAME2(3D Dungeion Crawler)

EXEC "GAME2" (Touch Enter to Run)
game2 A dungeon-crewling RPG. In this RPG, you'll use the +Control Pad to head to the top of the dungeion while bashing beasts and picking up items such as medicine and weapons.

GAME3(Side-On Shooter)

EXEC "GAME3" (Touch Enter to Run)
game3 Blast intergalactic foes in a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up. Use the + Control Pad to move and the A Button to shoot as you zap the incoming enemies and take aim at the big bosses.

GAME4(Barrage Blaster)

EXEC "GAME4" (Press Enter to Run)
game4 A shooting game where you dodge a barrage of bullets while taking out enemies. Advanced sprite commands fill the screen with foes and filepower. Avoid enemy strikes, blast your enemies and take on the giant boss. The scrolling background has three layers.

GAME5(Sword Fight)

EXEC "GAME5" (Press Enter to Run)
game5 A fighting game where giant characters do battle. Two vast screen-filling characters wield mighty swords as they duel to the death.